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Convenient control

the Service is developed with the use of modern technologies

Quick start

the Launch of sales is 5 minutes

Extended statistics

Analyze the sales channels for efficient allocation of budget.

Quick enroll

Payments accepted on-line payments weekly
2 working days after processing.

automation of business processes

Optimize time costs document.

Opportunities with BezKassira for Organizers

Easy system of purchase of tickets

Service provides all the possible ways of payment in any city of the Republic of Belarus as for cash online.

Configure events

Specify the start and end of sales for various types of tickets. The minimum and maximum number of tickets.

Branding tickets

Set up a ticket for the event. Use your own logo, design.


Set up the ticket for their needs. Add in the ticket receipt, or other arbitrary information.

electronic document management System

Create documents for sales on account. The system will generate your documents and customer information.


Information about your event will be sent information portals to add..

Accept payments into your account

Service will set up and maintain the payment on your website.

Discounts and promo codes

Give your visitors a customized shopping environment to attract customers.

Widgets for your website

We will help you to integrate our system in your website and social networks. If you have no programmers, no problem! We are all set.

landing page

Create a unique page with the address ВАШ-АДРЕС.bezkassira.by to attract your customer's attention! Demo page

interactive hall layout

Quickly change the prices on the interactive plan. Choose tickets to print on letterhead of the service.

Distribution of powers

Create accounts for their employees to perform specific tasks.

Download a third-party barcode

Add in the personal office barcode symbologies from other ticketing systems and check mobile app.

Check ticket

System allows you to check any ticket in online and offline in the dashboard and with the help of mobile apps.

multiple inputs

To increase throughput. Data is instantly synced between the points, the same ticket cannot be used twice.

fraud Protection

Each ticket has a unique number and checked on secure servers, which eliminates the possibility of fraud.

Your members

Service collects subscribers and sends out information about your new activities. Install the widget collection on your website or social network.


Add your guests online. Guests will be notified about Your event and get the tickets.

Reporting and statistics

Get online sales statistics at face value, the sources and sales channels.

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